Design-Build Mechanical Plumbing & HVAC Contractor

Company is one of the premier design-build mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors on the West Coast. They are seeking recapitalization and currently have a backlog of $454 million.

  • Revenue: $124M (Annualized Nov 2018) EBITDA: $11M (Annualized Nov 2018)

Home & Community Builder

Company is among the top 20 home builders in North America. They are seeking recapitalization.

  • Revenue: $310M EBITDA: $33M

Specialty Furniture

Company sells furniture and accessories in its 30 branch stores. They’ve been in business for 14 years and seek recapitalization.

  • Revenue: $27M EBITDA: $2.9M

Aerospace Machining & Fabrication

Company is an aerospace contract manufacturing specializing in precision sheet metal and CNC machining with certifications: ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100D, and NADCAP accreditation

  • Revenue: $5.9M EBITDA: $457K

Automotive Technology Manufacturer

Company creates dash cam, GPS, LiDar and WAVE sensor for major OEM and ODM brands as well as the after-market. They seek recapitalization.

  • Revenue: $49M EBITDA: $7.8M

Electronic Parts for Generators and Lithium Ion Batteries Manufacturer

Company manufactures controllers for backup generators for a US company. Company uses a breakthrough method of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries (3.2V) for electric bikes and vehicles and for energy storage systems. They seek recapitalization. 

  • Revenue: $33.6 EBITDA: TBD

Industrial Robotics Manufacturer

Company is one of the leading robotics and automation manufacturers and one of the most innovative in its field. They offer a full line of robotics systems as well as custom solutions and seek recapitalization.

  • Revenue: $18.5M (2017) EBITDA: $2.4M (2017)

Fintech Company

Company is a fintech company that offers blockchain payment and security. They offer alternative all-in-one payment solutions. They are seeking funding.

  • Revenue: $3.8M 

AR/VR Simulation Content Provider

Company is a leading AR/VR content provider for simulation, military training, and video gaming with VR products made using its Unreal Engine.

Biometric Iris Recognition Software

Company is a Iris / Face Recognition Software and Hardware IP company that uses its proprietary iris hashing cryptographic algorithm for fintech systems, access control, mobile, and other uses such as biometric automotive solutions, module integrations, and IoT interfaces.

Revenue: $4.9M EBITDA: $1.3M

Voice Recognition Software

Company is one of the top few voice recognition firms in the world, using its proprietary deep learning based voice control engine. The company develops, licenses, and consults for leading auto brands.

Revenue: $12.3M EBITDA: $2.7M

Cloud based E-learning Platform

Company has one of the most simple and customizable LMS on the market serving 30+ global clients with pipeline of $16K and more locations.

Corporate Training Simulation

Company turns business case studies into gaming simulations for business leadership training and personnel assessment for universities and corporations.

CE Gamification company

Company owns the only video game that can qualify the user to renew a real estate license. It has currently contracted with 12 states with 20+ expected by October 2018.

Movie Clip Company

Company is a Hollywood movie clip communications SaaS platform. the only company to have ever gained the rights to offer Hollywood film clips for B2B and educational uses.