North America

Home & Community Builder

The Company offers a wide range of new home products including single-family houses, multi-family houses, town houses, duplexes, condos, resorts, as well as design expertise.

Location: North America

Revenue / EBITDA:
  • 2022p : $293.0M / —
  • 2021p : $261.1M / —
  • 2020p : $224.9M / —
  • 2019 : $212.2M / $17.4M

Specialty Furniture

Company sells furniture and accessories in its 30 branch stores. They’ve been in business for over 15 years.

Location: US

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2019: $24 M / $2.3M
  • 2018: $26.0M / $2.7M

Asset-Based Trucking Logistics & Brokerage Company

The Company has 200 trucking companies in Network. Its customers are a range of national and Pacific Northwest building products manufacturers.

Location: Pacific Northwest

Revenue / Adj. EBITDA:
  • Aug 2020: $4.68M/ $370K 
  • 2019: $8.16M / $544K
  • 2018: $8.52M/ $520K
  • 2017: $7.11M/ $428K

Aerospace Fabrication & Machining

A premier manufacturer of aerospace machined and sheet metal parts for both local and global market. Company is AS9100D and ISO:9001 certified that specializes in assembly, fabrication/forming and CNC Machining/ turning.

Location: North America

Revenue / EBITDA:
  • 2019*: $3.6M / $908K
*Fiscal year Oct. to Sept.

IT Consultancy

The Company is an IT consultancy firm that focuses in tech, finance, gaming, and healthcare.

Location: North America

Revenue / Adj. EBITDA:

  • Annualized 07/2019: $10.08M / $2.26M
  • 2018: $6.18M / $1.01M
  • 2017: $2.87 / $199.1K

Most Simple & Customizable LMS on the Market

Serving 30+ customers worldwide in Corporate & Vocational training including: TGI Fridays, El Pollo Loco, & Phillips 66

Location: North America
Revenue / Net Income:
  • 2019: $398.6K / $24.2K
  • 2018: $192.9K / $28.8K


Coal Mining & Logistics Company

The Company has an integrated coal infrastructures and services.

Location: Southeast Asia

Revenue / EBITDA:
  • 2020 (Aug) : $160M/ $35M
  • 2019: $268M/ $109M
  • 2018: $304M / $109M

Licensed Indonesian Remittance Payment Gateway

The remittance platform has very wide variety of payment options and is partnered with 500+ merchants throughout Indonesia.

Location: Indonesia

  • 2020p: $ 2.0B
  • 2019: $1.4B

Automotive Technology Manufacturer

Manufactures GPS, & Blackboxes for a major auto OEM, and after-Market. Developed new revolutionary LiDAR for auto OEM & ODMs.

Location: Asia

Revenue / EBITDA:
  • 2021p: $63.4M / $8.0M
  • 2020p: $55.6M / $6.7M
  • 2019: $48.2M / $6.7M
  • 2018: $47.8M / $5.4M

First & Only Dual Licensed Pakistani E-Wallet Company

The Company is the first and only firm in Pakistan to attain two fintech licenses.

It provides integrated financial services for Personal & Business use, including:

    • Transfer Funds
    • Order Food
    • Make & Accept QR Code Payments
    • Keep Track of Business
    • ..many more

Location: Pakistan

Financials (GMV):

  • $250-300M per Year.


Backup Generator Controller Manufacturer

Company makes controllers for 3rd largest backup generator firm in the world.

Location: Asia

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2020p: $30.79M / —
  • 2019: $29.41M / $6.08M
  • 2018: $29.02M / $5.04M

Licensed & Certified Southeast Asian Gold Trading Platform

The Company is one of the Country’s Most Distinguished & Licensed Digital Gold Platforms. It is a well-known and licensed gold trader and pawn broker in the country, providing services such as:

  • Buy & Sell Gold
  • Gold Installment
  • Pawn Gold

Financials (Sales):

  • 2023p: $172.5M
  • 2022p: $114.3M
  • 2021p: $75.9M
  • 2020p: $54.0M
  • 2019: $21.5M

Location: Southeast Asia

High Speed Take-Out Injection Molding Robot Manufacturer

Top products: 5-axis articulated robots and world class controllers.

Location: Asia

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2021p: $24.0M / $3.9M
  • 2020p: $21.0M / $3.2M
  • 2019p: $18.2M / $2.5M
  • 2018: $14.9M / $1.6M

Leading VR Content Provider for Training & Gaming

Leading VR content provider with a rare and experience and talent. They have developed the world’s best VR military training platform.

Location: Asia

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2020p: $21.0M / TBD
  • 2019: $15.0M / TBD
  • 2018: $10.2M / $1.7M

One of the Top Few Voice Recognition Firms in the World

Uses its own proprietary deep learning based voice control engine. It develops licenses, & consults for 5 leading auto brands.

Location: Asia

Revenue / EBITDA:
  • 2020p: 13.5M / $1.6M
  • 2019: $12.4M / $0.7M
  • 2018: $11.6M / $1.5M
  • 2017: $10.0M / $2.4M

Indonesian Vertical Retailer for Women’s Fashion

The Company has established partnerships with major global brands due to their expertise within the industry aside from being a vertical retailer.

Location: Indonesia

Revenue / EBITDA:
  • Annualized 09/19: $12.1M / $1.1M
  • 2018: $11.0M / $1.1M
  • 2017: $11.8M / $2.0M

Cutting-Edge Iris / Facial Recognition Company

Company obtained the world’s first international UAF/U2F certification and developed its own proprietary hashing cryptographic algorithm.

Location: Asia

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2020p: $14.1M / $2.5M
  • 2019p: $8.5M / $1.36M
  • 2018: $4.9M / $0.4M

Indonesia’s First & Leading Online Automotive Platform

The most complete automotive platform covers motorcycle and car listings, mortgage loans, also users discussions.

Location: Indonesia

  • 2023p: $1.47B
  • 2022p: $652.2M
  • 2021p: $113.6M
  • 2020p: $7.3M
  • 2019: $7.0M

Southeast Asia’s Leading Workspace Booking Platform

The platform equipped with AI-Powered search engine and integrated pricing-payment system. The platform has the first mover advantage, strong network with 800+ partners across APAC supporting the business.

Location: Southeast Asia

GMV / Sales:
  • 2020p: $9.1M / $1.6M
  • 2019: $6.3M / $750.0K
  • 2018: $3.2M / $626.0K

Fast Growing Delivery & Fintech Startup Digitizing Indonesian MSMEs

The Company is an O2O platform for Indonesian Micro-Vendors. They are the first & only short-distance delivery service provider in Indonesia for MSMEs, and provide an e-payment & e-commerce platform aiming to digitize said Micro-Vendors.

Location: Indonesia

GTV / Buildings / Micro Vendors:

  • 2020p: $111M / 2.3K / 470K
  • 2019: $6.3M / 150 / 13.2K

Licensed & Active Malaysian E-Wallet Company

The Company is a Malaysian E-Wallet Company with rare fintech licenses, namely

  • E-Money License
  • Virtual Bank License (in progress)

It enables users to make cashless payments via QR code, pay bills, reload prepaid credits, purchase e-tickets, and manage finances.

Location: Malaysia


  • June 2020: $3M
  • 2019: $6M

Profitable & Breakthrough 5G Mobile Telecom Tech Firm

The Company’s 5G Multiplexer allows all service providers to use one public network, preventing signal interference, cutting installation costs.

The tech also uses smart filtering to prevent the network from dropping.

Partnered 16+ major players including:
Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Indosat, SK Telecom, & SoftBank

Location: Asia

Revenue / Adj EBITDA:
  • 2021p: $17.4M / $3.6M
  • 2020p: $11.9M / $2.5M
  • 2019: $4.4M / $1.1M

Licensed Indonesian Low-Risk, High-Reward P2P Platform

The Company is one of the only 25 Indonesian P2P Lending Firms registered and licensed in the country. It gathers loan investment from all 100% ordinary people as lenders to then all be disbursed to women micropreneurs. Operating with a very low NPL rate, the Company managed to offer a safe and rewarding loan investment opportunity.

Acc. Fund Disbursement /  Revenue:

  • 2022p: $47.58M / $ 8.47M
  • 2021p: $24.72M / $4.45M
  • 2020p: $11.86M / $1.42M
  • 2019: $5.50M / $1.09M
  • 2018: $2.36M / $351.40K

Location: Indonesia

Indonesia’s First Full Fintech Ecosystem

Update: A well-known Asia-based Fintech firm has committed $14M to this deal.

Four rare licensed Indonesian fintech firms looking to merge into Indonesia’s first full fintech ecosystem.

Upon acquisition, the firm will hold the largest collection of difficult-to-acquire Indonesian Fintech licenses, including: E-Money, Payment Gateway, Remittance, Mutual Fund Selling, Government Bond Selling, P2P Lending, and Gold.

Location: Southeast Asia

GMV(or GTV) Projections:

  • Year 4: $36.4B
  • Year 3: $14.7B
  • Year 2: $3.9B
  • Year 1: $627.6M

Rare Licensed Indonesian Fintech Company

The One-Stop Wealth Management Platform is the only other private platform licensed to transact Mutual Funds & Bonds.

Location: Indonesia

Projections (Total GMV):

  • 2023p: $2.9B
  • 2022p: $1.4B
  • 2021p: $628.4M
  • 2020p: $213.5M

AUM (Aug 2020): $36.1M

One of Top 3 Most Licensed Fintech Firms in Indonesia

The Company has obtained 3 difficult-to-acquire Indonesian fintech licenses:

  • E-Money License
  • Remittance License
  • Payment Gateway License

They provide various digital financial products/services, such as: payment gateway, biller gateway, remittance, and e-money.

Location: Indonesia

Projections (Total GMV):

  • 2023p: $13.9B
  • 2022p: $3.7B
  • 2021p: $593.1M
  • 2020p: $110.5M

Licensed Payment Gateway in 4 ASEAN Markets

The Company is a South East Asian payment gateway company with 3 difficult-to-acquire licenses operating in four countries. The Company’s 2019 GMV is US$181.5M.

Location: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia

Projected Financials
GMV / Revenue:

  • 2024p: $41.66B / $79.34M
  • 2023p: $25.43B / $56.01M
  • 2022p: $9.45B / $25.78M
  • 2021p: $3.06B / $10.38M
  • 2020p: $221.00M / $794.56K

Licensed Cross-Border Remittance Infrastructure Company

The Company enables financial institutions to perform Cross-Border Remittance Transfers. It is registered and licensed in 5 countries, has 30+ partners, with unique selling propositions, including:

  • Certainty
  • Speed
  • Infrastructure Network
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Compliance

Location: Asia


Fast Growing Indonesian E-Sports Platform

The first and only eSports platform in Indonesia for Competitions and Training Academy, with incredibly Fast Growth since founding.

Location: Indonesia

Financial Projection (Revenue/Gross Profit):

  • Year 5: $99.21M/ $42.57M
  • Year 4: $88.05M/ $37.34M
  • Year 3: $61.73M/ $26.15M
  • Year 2: $27.51M/ $11.23M
  • Year 1: $6.23M/ $2.46M


Southeast Asia’s Fastest Growing Online Printing Platform

Founded by an MBA graduate of Chicago Booth, and former executive of several major multinational & domestic corporations such as:

  • CFO of Loreal Indonesia
  • President of Amcor Flexibles Indonesia

Location: Indonesia

GMV / Revenue
  • 2020p: $6.0M / $1.2M
  • 2019p: $3.7M / $750.0K
  • 2018: $2.0M / $376.5K

Bleeding-Edge Smart Card Manufacturer

The Company is a Smart Card manufacturer, utilizing patented & breakthrough Smart Card Technology, with features such as:
  • Conventional Payment Card Size
  • Energy Harvesting Battery
  • Multi-RFID Protocol Compatibility
  • Fingerprint Authentication

Location: East Asia

  • 2019: $2.6M
  • 2018: $3.6M
  • 2017: $2.6M
  • 2016: $1.6M

Indonesia’s Leading Travel Planning App

The Company enables users to customize travel itineraries and join numerous open trips. Supported by its 320+ partners across the globe and its cutting edge technologies, the company has gained good traction and was ranked as one of Google Play’s top 10 most trending apps.

Location: Indonesia


  • 2023p: $289.3M/$4.4M 
  • 2022p: $46.2M/$692.5K
  • 2021p: $8.9M/$133K
  • 2020p: $84.4K/$1.3K
  • 2019: $1.3M/-

Manufacturer of the World’s Only Multilingual Play Mat

  • The Only Playmat that can Teach 6+ Languages
  • The Widest Variety of Content
  • The Only Player Approved by the Korean Government

Company has closed a major deal with the Korean government to meet the demand for large quantities of production from Korea Public Procurement Service. It will then be distributed to 38,750 educational institutions.

Location: Asia

  • 2020p: $6.2M
  • 2019: $301K

E-Aggregator & Business Assistant for SE Asian MSMEs

The Company is a market aggregator benefitting both MSMEs and Lenders. It has features that will allow MSMEs to find loans also develop their entrepreneurial and financial management skills.

The Company helps lending companies to evaluate potential borrowers, ensuring the loans are productive.

Location: Southeast Asia

Projected Financials (Revenue):

    • 2023p: $28.9M
    • 2022p: $4.7M
    • 2021p: $81.3K

Fast-Growing Consumer Engagement & Big Data AdTech Firm

  • The Company has succeeded in acquiring 100k+ downloads by its third day of beta launch and was featured as one of the Top Five Free Apps on GooglePlay by its 5th day of beta launch.

    The Company rewards consumers for sharing data with and purchasing from brands. It serves clients with Performance-Based Payments and big data, beneficial to marketing efforts.

    Location: Indonesia

    Projected Financials (Year/Total Revenue/Total Profit After Tax):

    •  2021p: $13.2M / $6.4M
    • 2020p: $1.1M / $106.2K

The Only End-to-End Online Healthcare System in Indonesia

Integrated Real-Time System Making Healthcare Fast, Convenient, & Efficient

  • Online Reservations for Patients
  • Online Supply Chain Management for Healthcare Facilities
  • Single eMR System for all Patients

Location: Indonesia

GMV / Revenue / Net Profit:
  • 2021p: $121.3M $21.0M / $7.5M
  • 2020p: $14.6M $4.6M / ($5.5M)
  • YTD08/2019: $168.9K $97.1K/ ($59.8K)

Indonesia’s Only Multi-Service Financial Planning App

The only financial portal / application offering multiple services. Such include:

  • Personal Financial Manager
  • Financial Education
  • Financial Marketplace

Company has 107K+ Active Users, and $3M+ Portal Visitors

Location: Indonesia

Indonesia’s Leading Smart Living App

The app’s features covers transactional and managerial needs for apartment buildings, and enables interlinkage between all apartment building stakeholders, via their proprietary system.

Location: Indonesia

GTV / Revenue:
  • 2022p: 322.9M / $9.7M
  • 2021p: 123.3M / $3.6M
  • 2020p: $22.2M / $711K

Indonesia’s Leading OOH Advertisement Platform

The Company enables in-vehicle targeting to captive audience through its self-developed smart tablets, containing:

  • Unskippable & Unmutable Ads
  • 830+ Free Entertainment Contents

It has partnered with Indonesia’s largest transportation companies.

Location: Indonesia
Net Sales/Operating Profit:
  • 2024p: $17.9M / $9.6M
  • 2023p: $14.5M / $8.0M
  • 2022p: $9.9M / $5.0M
  • 2021p: $3.0M / $750K

The World’s Fastest Forex Copy-Trading Platform

Enables users to interact and collaborate with expert traders.

  • 2K+ Active Users
  • $1M Under management
  • 6X Faster than competitors

Location: Indonesia

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2021p: $34.05M / $24.28M
  • 2020p: $5.07M / $1.45M

Jakarta LRT Network Developer

The project connects the Greater Jakarta Areas, addressing the infamous traffic problem in Indonesia.

Compatible with Jakarta’s Spatial Plan, the project will support the goal of switching 60% of commuters to public transportation.

Location: Indonesia

The Only Eco-Friendly Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturer

Developed a breakthrough method for manufacturing 3.2V lithium-ion batteries for electric motorcycles, which are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • 2x longer lasting
  • 30% less expensive
Location: Asia