Home & Community Builder

Company is among the top 20 home builders in North America. They are seeking recapitalization.

Located in: North America

  • 2018 Revenue: $310M
  • 2018 EBITDA: $27M

Automotive Technology Manufacturer

Manufactures GPS, & Blackboxes for a major auto OEM, and after-Market. Developed new revolutionary LiDAR for auto OEM & ODMs.

Located in: Asia

  • 2018 Revenue: $47.8M
  • 2018 EBITDA: $8.1M

Backup Generator Controller Manufacturer

Company makes controllers for 3rd largest backup generator firm in the world.

Located in: Asia

Revenue / EBITDA
  • TTM 03/2019: $33.5M / $7.6M
  • 2018: $30.3M / $3.7M
  • 2017: $26.4M / $3.7M

Specialty Furniture

Company sells furniture and accessories in its 30 branch stores. They’ve been in business for 14 years.

Located in: US

  • 2018 Revenue: $27M
  • 2018 EBITDA: $2.9M

Aerospace Fabrication & Machining Furniture

A premier manufacturer of aerospace machined and sheet metal parts for both local and global market. Company is AS9100D and ISO:9001 certified that specializes in assembly, fabrication/forming and CNC Machining/ turning.

Located in: US 

  • 2019 Revenue*: $2.7M
  • 2019 EBITDA*: $580K
*Fiscal year Oct. to Sept.

High Speed Take-Out Injection Molding Robot Manufacturer

Top products: 5-axis articulated robots and world class controllers.

Located in: Asia

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2019p: $14.9M / 1.6M
  • 2018: $18.2M / 2.5M

Leading VR Content Provider for Training & Gaming

Leading VR content provider with a rare and experience and talent. They have developed the world’s best VR military training platform.

Located in: Asia

  • 2018 Revenue: $9.6M
  • 2018 EBITDA: $1.7M

Leading Eco-Friendly Gas Stove & Regulator Manufacturer in Indonesia

Company is in distress, but brand loyalty is still very strong.

  • Largest Gas Regulator / Hose Producer
  • 2nd Largest Gas Stove Producer
  • 2nd Most Popular Brand

Located in: Indonesia

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2018: $9.1M / $1.76M
  • 2017: $50.1M / ($55.0M)
  • 2016: $49.9M / $5.0M

One of the Top Few Voice Recognition Firms in the World

Uses its own proprietary deep learning based voice control engine. It develops licenses, & consults for 5 leading auto brands.

Located in: Asia

  • 2018 Revenue: $8.3M
  • 2018 EBITDA: $1.7M

Cutting-Edge Iris / Facial Recognition Company

Company obtained the world’s first international UAF/U2F certification and developed its own proprietary hashing cryptographic algorithm.

Located in: Asia

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2019p: $14.1M / $2.5M
  • 2018: $4.9M / 0.4M

Food Delivery Platform for Indonesia’s Untapped
SME Market

Digitizing Indonesia’s untapped, low-tech SME market by empowering them to: 

  • Make Shot-Distance Deliveries
  • Deliver Directly to Building Tenants

Located in: Indonesia

GMV / Buildings / Vendors
  • 2020p: $264.0M / 2.4K / 360K
  • 2019p: $8.4M / 100 / 20K

Fintech & Blockchain Smart Card Manufacture

CARD 1: Crypto to Fiat 1-Step Pay Solution CARD 2: Impenetrable Cold Wallet
CARD 3: All-in-One Pay Solution
CARD 4: High-Tech Prepaid Card

Located in: Moving to US

  • 2019p Revenue: $7.7M
  • 2018 Revenue: $3.6M

The Only End-to-End Online Healthcare System in Indonesia

Integrated Real-Time System Making Healthcare Fast, Convenient, & Efficient

  • Online Reservations for Patients
  • Online Supply Chain Management for Healthcare Facilities
  • Single eMR System for all Patients

Located in: Indonesia

GMV / Revenue / Net Profit:
  • 2021p: $121.3M $21.0M / $7.5M
  • 2020p: $14.6M $4.6M / ($5.5M)
  • YTD08/2019: $168.9K $97.1K/ ($59.8K)

Southeast Asia’s Fastest Growing Online Printing Platform

Founded by an MBA graduate of Chicago Booth, and former executive of several major multinational & domestic corporations such as:

  • CFO of Loreal Indonesia
  • President of Amcor Flexibles Indonesia

Located in: Indonesia

GMV / Revenue
  • 2020p: $6.0M / $1.2M
  • 2019p: $3.7M / $750.0K
  • 2018: $2.0M / $376.5K

The World’s Fastest Forex Copy-Trading Platform

Enables users to interact and collaborate with expert traders.

  • 2K+ Active Users
  • $800K Under management
  • 6X Faster than competitors

Located in: Indonesia

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2021p: $2.0M / $1.3M
  • 2020p: $492.0K / $122.0K

Indonesia’s Most Versatile Financial Portal / App

The only financial portal / application offering multiple services. Such include:

  • Personal Financial Manager
  • Financial Education
  • Financial Marketplace

Company has 107K+ Active Users, and $3M+ Portal Visitors

Located in: Indonesia

  • 2020p: $250K

The Only Eco-Friendly Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturer

Developed a breakthrough method for manufacturing 3.2V lithium-ion batteries for electric motorcycles, which are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • 2x longer lasting
  • 30% less expensive
Located in: Asia

Most Simple & Customizable LMS on the Market

Serving 30+ customers worldwide in Corporate & Vocational training including: TGI Fridays, El Pollo Loco, & Phillips 66

Located in: Bellevue, WA
Revenue / Net Income:
  • 2021p: $6.0M / $4.2M
  • 2020p: $3.2M / $2.2M
  • 2019p: $762.7K / $533.9K